Adapter Kit For Professional Riveting Gun With 4 Bolts For Different Nozzles

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🔩Professional Riveter Adapter Kit

  • Features:

    RIVET GUN ADAPTER ----- Includes forged alloy steel riveting gun, flexible rotor and 4 different matching bolts for fastening rivets in the kit, which assemble as a unit. Efficient, strong and fast. Come with extra non-slip clamping device, which ensures high stability.

  • HIGH STABILITY ----- High hardness hexagonal connecting rod, stable locking, suitable for all kinds of electric drill , Special plastic handle for metal fittings, which can be inserted into metal parts. When used, the handle can be held to increase stability while working.
  • 120PCS RIVETS ----- Containing 6 different size blind rivets (aluminum rivet head and alloy steel rivet core): ①M2.4 * 6mm, ②M3.0 * 6mm, ③M3.2 * 6.4mm, ④M3. 2 * 8mm, ⑤M3 .2 * 10mm, ⑥M4 * 8mm. This product has everything you need to get the riveting job done.



  • RIVETS ----- Containing 4 blind rivets of different sizes (aluminum rivet head and alloy steel rivet core): 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8 This product has everything you need to complete the riveting job.
    PORTABLE KEY ----- Equipped with 4 interchangeable nozzle bolts for replacing the mounting part. It matches well with the rivet gun and bolts, making the assembly process a breeze.

  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS SITUATIONS ----- Ideal tool for most riveting projects and applications. It offers great convenience for sheet metal working, gutter repair, door repair and so on.

√ Durable with a high hardness cast aluminum housing.
√ Comfortable grip and not tired for long working hours.
√ Forged alloy steel tube head, durable, efficient and convenient.
√ High strength connecting rod for a better match with the pistol drill.
√ The handle is made of hard plastic and the surface is non-slip.



1.✅ Adjust the power drill to the appropriate gear position.
2.✅Open the drill clip, insert the adapter, positive rotation, lock the connector.
3.✅Turn on the reverse rotation function of the drill until you hear the sound of "DADADA", then insert the rivet of the appropriate size.
4.✅ Activate the positive rotation function, align the holes and insert the rivets.
5.✅ Activate the reverse rotation function and exit the rivet.

Product Parameters 

SPU: BKV0060
Material: Hard Metal
Rivet Head Specifications: 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8




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