Anti-shine Night Driving Glasses

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  • REDUCED GLARE - These yellow lenses on these night driving goggles reduce glare from other vehicles' headlights and reflective surfaces by filtering the light from different angles. Your eyes can concentrate better on the road.
    LESS EYES TIRED - The contrastive filter effect in poor lighting conditions means less strain on your eyes. This allows you to relax better, which leads to less eye fatigue. Whether in low light, at night or in bad weather, you can drive more relaxed and safer.
    FITS OVER YOUR NORMAL GLASSES - The night driving glasses from HD Vision can be used with or without your normal glasses. The frame is specially designed so that it can be put on your normal glasses without any problems.
    PLEASANTLY LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing just 37 grams, these night driving glasses are really lightweight. This makes the glasses comfortable to wear, even on longer journeys or when traveling. The design makes the glasses a perfect aid in poor light conditions when you are traveling by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot.

VAdvantages at a glance:

✓ Reduces glare
Less glare from other vehicles and reflective surfaces

✓ Less eye fatigue
Reduces the strain on your eyes

✓ Fits over your normal glasses
Fits comfortably even when you wear your normal glasses underneath

✓ Protective bag
Optimally protected from scratches

Scope of delivery:

1 x Yellow Anti-Shine Night Driving Glasses

Product Parameters 

SPU: BKV0112
Color: Light Black-Yellow,Black-Yellow,Light Black-Gray,Black-GraySize: One siz4




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