Baby Bath Bubble Machine

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For children who already enjoy water, bath time is an excellent opportunity to increase their experiences with movement, learning and imagination. For children who are not enthusiastic about bath time, activities can help reduce anxiety, especially if they feel "in control" of activities. The moment of the bath is very important for the emotional relationship with our children, since it is part of the time we spent with them for the game

Water is a wonderful sensory medium, since it "responds" to any movement. The resistance of the water offers a good alternative to strengthen the muscles and the response that the child will obtain will be just fun.

The bathroom should be a pleasant routine that is related to a positive moment. Simply adding the game to the bath time, you will not only be discovering new sensations by splashing in the water, but you will obtain other benefits while complying with the hygienic function. Studies show that at bath time massages can offer a multisensory space in which parents and children have the opportunity not only to connect but also to discover together.

This  bubble machine is made of high quality ABS, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.  A super fun music bubble making machine with 12 built-in nursery rhymes and a more enjoyable bath, just add foam and water, then press the on/off button to turn it on/off.

The bubble machine can be a powerful motor and crossbar that produces more than 500 bubbles per minute.  Is the perfect design for your Christmas and birthday parties, barbecues, stage, weddings, etc. 


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