Balloon Car Aerodynamic Car Children Toy

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Develop hands-on skills and intellectual enlightenments!

Balloon powered car Balloon launcher toy(Buy 2 Free shipping Enjoy 10%-20% off)
It is a new type of high-quality balloon racer with scientific and physical design, which not only makes children have fun but also learns some scientific knowledge and improves their practical ability.
The air stored in the balloon pushes the toy car, generating a thrust, the force that pushes the car forward. The air moves backward and the car moves forward – an interesting demonstration of Isaac Newton’s third law of motion:
  1. Easy to play and very interesting.
  2. Against the rear of the car into the air intakes big balloon, on the ground, the balloon in the process by the bigger will push the car going forward.
  3. Great gift for your kid’s birthday party, New Year and etc.


Material: Plastic
Size: 11.5×11.5×22.5cm


Product Parameters 

SPU: BKV0119




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