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A great kitchen tool for stuffing meat inside grape or cabbage leaves, easy to operate. Best helper for kitchen supplies, suitable for vegetables roll meat sushi etc.

Our product is eco-friendly made of high quality imported PP plastic material, non-toxic, odorless, harmless to our body. To ensure our health safe. Perfect making the sushi or roll the food without trouble and equipment food volume tool. This product is suitable for small leaves, and CAN not make large leaves sushi, please do not mind before you bid. 

EASY TO USE – Lay the leaf (or whatever is applicable) on the roller-band and pull back a little with your fingers. Spoon a small amount of meat based on required thickness, push the lever forward and your stuffed leaf will be ready to be cooked. Make delicious fresh and homemade lumpia(or whatever is applicable).

GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION – Impress your friends and party guests with international cuisine. Suction cup and rubber feet for surface grip, less slippage.

Size: 35 cm x 8 cm

  1. Place the roller on a flat area. Put the grape or cabbage leaf (or whatever is applicable) on the sheet and pull back a little with your fingers.
  2. Spoon other stuffing on the leaf. (The amount of stuffing is based on required thickness. Too much or too little of the stuffing may complicate the function.)
  3. Move smoothly the slider at the forward position. Your stuffed leaf will be ready to be cooked.
  4.  After using, wipe the roller with soap and rinse with water

 Image result for Food Roller Wrapper dolmer

Image result for Food Roller Wrapper dolmer


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